Gourlay would refuse the latest Mayoralty, and this Dawson Turner, Esq

Gourlay would refuse the latest Mayoralty, and this Dawson Turner, Esq

October. 16th.-Mr. Dixon, out of Norwich, got fitting within the tracing of your easternmost screen away from St. Nicholas’ Church which have discolored cup, and also the circular articles that has been eliminated in the event the Fishermen’s gallery are centered, had been being restored.

Towards Weekend an incredibly higher group of gentlemen and you can tradesmen got then followed the fresh Mayor to Chapel, it being the date appointed towards National thanksgiving toward gather. Later Their Worship captivated them within Area Hallway, up to eight hundred invitations got sent for it luncheon.

Coals had been extremely scarce. To your earlier in the day Saturday a vessel had showed up and you may offered their particular cargo in the 21s. for every ton.

Messrs. T. Lettis, T. Hammond, and S. Crow, who have been dated people in you to definitely muscles, hence losing its seats in Limoges in France brides the Council.

Walpole, C

At City Council appointment to the 9th, Mr. Geo. Danby Palmer gone and Mr. R. Hammond seconded, Philip Pullyn, Esq., for Gran.

For Mr. Pullyn-Messrs. Cobb, Pike, Fellows, Barker, R. Hammond, p. 127 H. D. Palmer, P. Light, Owles, Lawn, D. A. Gourlay, a keen, Lettis, G. D. Palmer, Compartments, Symonds, Cannell, and you can Clarke.-21.

To own Mr. Burroughs-Messrs. Bessey, Worship, C. Miller, Ferrier, Jay, Plummer, Smith, W. H. Palmer, John Hammond, Rivett, Preston, W. Hammond, and you may Rivett.-13.

The retiring Aldermen was Messrs. John Brightwen, C. S. D. Steward, Good. Steward, W. Pearson, and S. Cobb. 9 men, were selected in order to fill the cities, while the adopting the try caused by the latest voting:-

Dr. C. L. Robinson had lead a good lecture to your Sanitary standing out-of Yarmouth, and he alluded pointedly to your Business. This is considered very uncourteous with the Gran, that has presided on the occasion.

p. 128 1848.

The brand new “Earl Grey,” London area trader, got shed. It actually was mentioned that thirty five age had elapsed once the a similar fate had befallen one ships.

Jan. eighth.-Five boats had been suitable aside for the sole and you will turbot fishery on the types of the fresh new Barking smacks.

The month of january. 22nd.-The following membership golf ball got kept within Urban area Hallway, 120 persons was establish, new Stewards being Capt. Ellis, Roentgen.N., and you can Richard Bell, William H. Palmer, W. Worship, and you may C. J. Palmer, Esqs.

Feb. 12th.-The following Committee was appointed to use the latest Yarmouth Petition:-Mr. Elizabeth. Ellice, Mr. Charles Lushington, Mr. W. H. C. Plowden, and Mr. H. Stuart, plus they got selected Mr. Ker Seymour the president. Facts got after that started taken and the proceedings adjourned.

Mr. Goldsmid got reach the newest “Regal,” but also his personal household members was regarding viewpoint you to definitely his visit is “inopportune,” thanks to the fresh Committee that have recommended this new disfranchisement of your freemen.

Feb. 26th.-Good requisition was being closed requesting Mr. John Elizabeth. Lacon to provide himself as an applicant toward Borough.

February 11th.-An enthusiastic election getting a good councillor throughout the Nelson Ward, to help you fill the vacancy considering brand new loss of Mr. W. Chambers got kept the following:-

Three hundred sluggish emails got continued to your Workhouse and you can necessary out-home recovery, but distributed into the look of the latest Mayor and some constables.

p. 129 April eighth.-Mr. W. Roentgen. Past had erected an illuminated clock within the King Highway which was a good rooms towards population.

Messrs. George Danby Palmer and you can John Barker got opted Haven Commissioners, and Messrs. D. Good. Gourlay and R. Hammond Supernumary Commissioners.

April 15th.-Brand new Livingston (Whigs), and Robert Snap and you will John Age. Barnby (Tories) Overseers in place of the new “party” nominations hitherto produced from such authorities.

May sixth.-This new fair “whether or not pretty much attended in terms of wide variety are concerned is entirely because the spiritless something given that could be desired.”

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